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Plumbing fixtures and fittings have come a long way since the days of your grandmother. Today’s homebuyers typically consider these time-honored fixtures unwanted by most homebuyers and by most homeowners who wish to remain but add their home to the modern 21st century. New fixtures offer an affordable way to update your house s style with little or no investment in brand new fixtures. In fact, many times you can find fixtures or fittings that are used but have either lost their function or style and can be replaced with something new, saving you money in the process.

One of the most popular examples of this is the toilet. Most people use a toilet for basic daily bathroom needs, including bathing, bowel movements, and using the restroom. Plumbing fixtures and fittings for these toilets are usually simple and don’t require much investment, unless you’re looking to replace your entire system. One investment that is often required is a new water supply, which can be acquired from a plumber or hot water provider. In addition, older toilets may require you to install new water pipes, which again can be purchased or obtained at a low cost from plumbing fixtures and fittings suppliers.

In the bathroom, most people consider the shower and bathtub as one unit, with a separate faucet for each. Shower faucets usually require two holes to be drilled into the wall, while bathtub faucets only require one hole. The type of shower and bathtub faucets that you use will depend on the style of shower or tub that you have, as well as the type of plumbing fixtures and fittings that are currently in place.

American Standard is the leading supplier of shower and bathtub fixtures in America, with a full range of options that includes both freestanding and attached models. For showers and tubs, American Standard offers both low-profile and high-profile fixtures, including single, twin, double, and triple sets. Since bathtubs are generally taller than showers, many American Standard faucets are designed to fit well above the rim, with the option of extending the unit from the floor or wall, if preferred. All American Standard bathtub and shower faucets are Vitreous, meaning that they are designed to be resistant to moisture and must be assembled using Vitreous cement.

American Standard has an extensive line of fixtures and fittings for plumbing drains, including high-quality cast-iron, copper, brass, and nickel-water flow fittings for toilets. Cast iron shower heads and faucets have been used in bathrooms for hundreds of years, providing rustic charm and a strong water flow. Copper, nickel, and brass fixtures are available to complement traditional bathroom designs. For those who are more interested in “green” plumbing fixtures and fittings, the American Standard collection is filled with solar-powered, environmentally safe shower heads, faucets, and accessories.

If you are replacing an existing fixture in a new home or renovating an existing one, American Standard is an excellent choice. They carry a full selection of wall-mounted and floor-standing fixtures, as well as fixtures that attach to a wall. Whether you are looking for single-piece fixtures or a combination of shower head, toilet fixture, and bathtub or shower, American Standard has the fixture for you. In addition, they offer a huge selection of recessed lighting that matches fixtures found in many other manufacturers. With so many choices in the plumbing fixtures and fittings market, you should never have to settle for less. Contact your local American Standard representative today to learn more about the home fixtures and fittings you need to transform your bathroom.

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