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A Sneaky Access Point

As a parent, you put a lot of effort into making sure your kids are healthy and safe. When they were babies, you made sure to proof the entire house. Hard edges were covered up and stairs were blocked to prevent any injury. You also took them to the doctor for flu shots and vaccines to ensure that their immune systems were boosted to ward off illnesses. You make sure their teeth are brushed and any scrapes are cleaned. However, even with all of this work, you may be missing a potential problem that could greatly impact the health of your children. Your French drain could be in imminent danger which means so could the health of your kids.

French drains are located outside of your home. A trench is built and a place is placed within it. The trench is then covered with stones or gravel to create an attractive aesthetic design. Whenever it rains, water trickles down through the gravel or stones and into the pipe. The pipe then carries it away from your house and to the nearest drainage area. This all is well and good–until the pipe breaks down.

The Danger Of Flooding

Like all things, even pipes have to break at some point. Whether it’s because an area is clogged and the pressure became too much or there was just too much wear and tear, a french drain repair Erie Pennsylvania is inevitable. When this occurs, all of that water that would have typically been drained away from the home is now pooling instead. Water can seep into your basement and start to erode the foundation. Most troubling, however, is that it leaves waterborne illnesses behind once it’s cleared out. Mold, mildew, bacteria, all of it is now sitting inside your home. This can greatly impact your children’s health. As such, you should have someone inspect and repair the French drain as soon as you notice something is wrong.

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