Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Summers keep getting hotter, which means electrical bills will most likely keep rising. When you take steps to keep your living space cool, it means better health for you and your family. However, it may be difficult when your HVAC system works harder each year. There are a few simple things you can do to lower future costs and maintain your cool.


A common maintenance task is to change your filters. This can also cut down on dust and airborne allergens in your home. You can take this further by also checking your HVAC air filter housing to make sure it is in working order as well. The entire system work with air, so keeping it all in good order may alleviate future stress.


This is not just the insulation in your walls, which is also important. There are other ways to keep your house properly protected from the climate outside. Double-paned windows are an excellent investment. The two sheets of glass keep the transparent nature of the windows, but with the addition of the space in between, it keeps your house much cooler. With better insulation comes less work for your air conditioner during the hotter months.


If you are doing proper maintenance of your system and do not have the capital to invest in new windows, then you may opt for better curtains. The sun’s rays are the source of heat and if all your rooms are unshaded, this may be causing the spike in temperature in your house. Blackout curtains are made of thicker fabric and are a cheaper option for your home. Consider what color might suit a room that needs protection from the summer brightness coming through.

Whatever you choose, your house should be much cooler this summer. With a good filtered system and an insulated home, the heat can be beaten with or without new curtains. Just make sure to stay hydrated and enjoy the summer months.

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