Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

The multi-zone kitchen has emerged as the preferred style of kitchen design for the 21st century. After all, it provides the cook more flexibility to control the cooking environment. More often than not, a kitchen is considered a social space where friends and family gather to enjoy a meal together. However, these same families are often spending far more time in the kitchen than they’d like to be. In order to minimize this time spent in the kitchen area, many people are opting for a multi-zone kitchen with a raised work level and eating area separate from the cooking functions.

The kitchen has evolved into an area that can serve as both a gathering place for family and a spot for preparing a nutritious meal for their loved ones. Enterprising homeowners have taken this basic concept and transformed it into a beautiful design feature that is sure to please for years to come. Multi Zone kitchens will continue to grow in popularity as new home designs come on the market. Here are the top five most popular home design trends for the year and beyond.

Bouzzling it up: For those looking for a new multi-zone kitchen but do not have the budget to do so, the best solution may be to remodel the existing kitchen. If the existing layout is fine-tuned and there is sufficient room to expand on a corner of the existing kitchen then it is possible to create a buzz that will add some much needed countertop area and storage space. There are a number of popular options for adding hours to existing kitchens, including Insta-Pro VHZ Kitchens and Toucan Wall Tile. Toucan Wall Tile features large tiled patterns which can also be incorporated into the existing kitchen design if desired. Insta-Pro HVZ Kitchens is designed with a high-gloss finish that is appropriate for any type of home.

Power-packed with value: With the price of gas at an all-time high, it makes perfect sense to remodel a home kitchen island to add value and efficiency to an existing home. The best multi-zone kitchen islands are those that provide both extra space for eating and a pull out island where items can be stored. With island designs that incorporate an island, the countertop area can be used for anything from storing dishes to storing kitchen utensils. This allows for a high-performance cooking center that has the ultimate in storage efficiency. These islands can also be incorporated into an island bar if desired.

Cabinet centers: One of the biggest trends in multi-zone kitchen accessories… pin up blinds! With this popular design, cabinet doors can be installed in a variety of creative ways, creating a one of a kind look that is sure to impress. Once installed, all the cabinets come with a matching blind. The blinds can be drawn to cover a specific portion of the cabinet or can simply be spaced to open the entire cabinet door. This design allows for a high level of privacy, allowing cooks to keep their work area private.

L-shaped kitchen layouts: Pin up blinds can also be used in multi-zone kitchen layouts where the chef works from a breakfast bar. In this case, the blinds would cover the bulk of the bar in order to create a smoke-free environment that is conducive to good food preparation. These blinds also have the benefit of providing homeowners with the ability to completely hide the stove while still maintaining some visibility through the windows. Kitchen islands can easily be installed over the stove to hide its presence, but creating a unique look does require the purchase of some beautiful l-shaped cabinets. With these beautiful cabinets, homeowners can dress up any kitchen quickly and easily.

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