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Plumbing is any such system which carries liquids for various uses to large public areas. Plumbing generally uses large pipes, pumps, plumbing fixtures, valves, and other such apparatuses for carrying liquid. The supply of water and the disposal of sewage both depend on efficient plumbing system. In recent times the use of plastic water pipes has been widely used because they are economical and safe to install. Moreover, they can easily penetrate into the ground for the purpose of disposal.

Sewage plants need to have pipes which can carry both human wastes and liquid containing chemicals. The pipes should be laid underground and above ground to avoid disruption in the soil. Sewage plants also require drainage system which can be done by using large drainage tiles, perforated pipes and sewer cleaning equipment. However, when there is presence of chemicals in the soil, then it becomes difficult to install drainage pipes beneath the soil. Therefore, underground pipes are commonly installed where there is heavy traffic of people and materials.

Drainage and sewage systems need to be planned according to the drainage pattern so that they can be effectively managed. For instance, to keep a road in proper working condition, it is necessary to lay down piping which can transport both liquids and human wastes. Public lavatories and schools are the usual places where these plumbing fixtures are used.

There are numerous types of shutoff valves available in the market. A main shutoff valve is responsible for the direction of the water supply. Normally the water supply is shut off after every load of water is received from the main drain. But in case of any blockage in the drain, the shutoff device is switched on to direct water flow to the main drain. It is recommended that the main shutoff valve should be placed outside the house for better control.

Different plumbing systems like septic, household, private and public require different kinds of fixtures for effective functioning. For the household plumbing system, main fixtures include kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, washing machines and dishwashers. To carry on daily waste disposal activities, central drains and pipes are installed. The main sewer line, which carries all the waste water from the house and water supply lines needs to be installed. The drain tiles placed below the drain will prevent the solid objects from being accumulated in the pipes.

To carry on construction activities, many kinds of foot trap and sump pumps are required. These foot traps are mainly used to lift water from the footer drains. Sump pumps are very useful in cases when the water level in the house rises above the normal level. These devices pump out water from the basement to make it safer for the residents. In case of public drainage systems, the use of traps is essential to dispose sewer gas safely.

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