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Proper window care is vital – it allows you to extend the life of window structures and not experience discomfort during their operation. We tell you how to provide proper care for the “eyes” of your home.

Proper window cleaning: what does it mean?

With proper care, a person lives longer, the car drives better, and the windows last for many years. Window structures that are properly cared for (at least 2 times a year) are distinguished by smooth and tight seals; smoothly and silently turning handles, sashes that do not cling to anything; snow-white profile and shining glass. To achieve high performance properties allows the use of special protective agents for the care of plastic windows. They ensure the functionality of windows even in severe frosts, with sudden changes in temperature, exposure to precipitation, smog, abrasive particles of sand, and dust.

Cleaning products designed specifically for the care of PVC windows differ from the usual ones in that they are produced on a water-alcohol basis. They do not contain acids and caustic alkalis, which makes them safe for use in window constructions. Since the PVC structure includes components made of various materials (metal, rubber, plastic, glass), plastic window care kits contain special products to protect all window components. Book a professional window cleaning service https://windowwashingexpert.com/window-cleaning/.

Means for the cleaning of plastic windows

Plastic cleaner. Today, plastic frames and sashes, unlike the old wooden ones, do not need to be painted. However, it is still necessary to take care of them, otherwise the profile will lose its whiteness and gloss. For maintenance use a cleaner with antistatic properties. It removes dirt and removes static electricity from plastic. Dust stops collecting on the surface, and plastic retains its original whiteness for the longest possible time. This material is extremely sensitive to chemicals, so care products should not include acetone, solvents, abrasives.

Means for care of window fittings. They are technical or industrial oils (spindle oil) used to care for the metal parts of a window or any other equipment. The use of funds should occur immediately after washing the window to prevent the appearance of squeaks and heaviness in the management of moving elements. The use of products prolongs the life of metal parts (window fittings) and improves the operation of opening mechanisms. The result of applying the lubricant is a long-term, easy, smooth, pleasant operation of the window fitting mechanism and an extension of its service life.

The use of WD-40 as a tool for fittings is unjustified. The fact is that white spirit predominates in its composition, which pushes not only excess liquid from the surface, but also washes out old grease, which does not improve the motor functions of metal parts. On the contrary, hardware care products based on technical oils stay on the surface of moving parts for a long time, thereby improving their motor activity.

Window seal care products. The compositions are designed directly to protect the sealing element, which during operation can crack, coarsen and lose its sealing properties. If the seals are not cared for with the use of special compounds, then it will blow out of the windows over time, and condensation may accumulate inside.

The most common maintenance method is the use of silicone grease. However, its functionality is limited only by enveloping the surface of the sealing profile. Complete external and internal protection for seals is provided by products that consist of a mixture of surfactants, silicone, and polymers. Penetrating deep inside, the composition deeply nourishes and protects the rubber seal for a long time, improving its elasticity and preventing the destruction of rubber. The well-thought-out formula of the composition also protects the sealant from the harmful effects of the sun, humidity, wind, and temperature extremes.

Glass cleaning products. An important feature is the absence of ammonia in the mixture. Conventional glass cleaners contain ammonia in the formula, which can cause yellow spots on plastic and damage it if the liquid is not immediately eliminated.

Kits for the cleaning of plastic windows

The standard kits for the care of plastic windows include 4 components: a profile cleaner, a lubricant for fittings, a cleaner-lubricant for a sealant, and a special reusable non-woven cloth. The advanced care kit consists of 5 components and additionally includes a glass care product.

The main thing to remember is that window cleaning and window maintenance are two different procedures. The first cleans, the second protects, and in combination they prolong the life of your window.

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