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Slippery floors can be hazardous, particularly in commercial and industrial areas. To combat this danger, many businesses install safety floor coatings. While quick fixes might work just as well as long-term solutions like epoxy flooring, there are also permanent options such as wood laminate.

Epoxy can come in an assortment of colors and patterns to add visual depth and texture to any space. A graveled epoxy pattern adds both visual dimension and tactile depth.


Epoxy floors can help revitalize any space, and are highly customizable in many different ways. Colored to complement the theme of any given room or even customized with logos or patterns for an entirely unique appearance – not to mention that epoxy holds up well under heavy use!

Epoxy flooring does not require grout and can withstand moisture, making it much simpler and easier to maintain than tiled surfaces, which may become stained, crumble or mold in damp environments.

An epoxy floor can withstand many substances, from oil, gasoline and gasoline fumes to bleach, transmission fluid and cleaners. Furthermore, its antibacterial and germicidal qualities make it suitable for hospitals and clinics. In addition to being resilient, epoxy flooring offers low costs that can be installed quickly – particularly self-levelling epoxy which can be installed and fully cured within 24 hours!


Epoxy flooring is one of the toughest options available for commercial and industrial spaces, able to withstand heavy impact without denting. Furthermore, epoxy’s stain resistance and abrasion-resistance provide extra resilience against accidental spills of liquid or furniture pieces.

Epoxy flooring is not only durable and appealing; it can add great visual impact to the room in which it is installed. Furthermore, unlike many other floor coatings that require extensive maintenance or costly chemicals to keep looking their best, epoxy does not need constant polishing to restore its beauty – scratches or scuffs can simply be buffed away and resealed as needed!

Cracked epoxy coatings may crack over time, signaling that its integrity has been compromised in one area of a space. While cracks may be treated and repaired as needed, manufacturing plants or warehouses often find it more cost effective to install entirely new floors for longevity purposes. This will save businesses considerable costs in the long run.

Easy to maintain

While epoxy floors are extremely resilient, they still need regular maintenance in order to look their best. Sweeping and mopping the floor on a daily basis should remove dirt, dust, grit and other particles which could otherwise scratch up its surface; keeping your floor clean also helps avoid bacteria build-up that could become pathogenic over time.

Hard foam mopping with warm water is the ideal method for maintaining epoxy flooring, as this ensures all grit and dirt are removed from its surface. Furthermore, taking prompt action when spills occur will stop them soaking into your floor’s surface and potentially causing irreparable damage – especially important if heavy machinery or vehicles move across it frequently as any penetration by dirt could lead to significant and expensive damages to either.


Epoxy offers an economical alternative to tile or concrete flooring options, with low installation costs, simple upkeep requirements, and long-term durability as key advantages. Plus, its smooth surface helps improve luminosity without additional lighting needs – saving energy!

Water-resistance is also provided by its nonporous seal, making this flooring watertight to prevent any potential flooding issues or mold growth on its surface. This feature is particularly advantageous in spaces prone to oil or chemical spills as these toxic substances won’t soak through into the flooring surface and damage it further.

Experienced professionals are best equipped to quickly and efficiently install epoxy flooring, eliminating mistakes while making sure it remains safe for use. Hiring experienced specialists can reduce costly repairs while creating a beautiful work space for years to come. Plus they work out of hours so you can concentrate on running your core business while still having access to beautiful workspace.

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