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You need excellent windows to last a long time and keep your home secure. If you need window repair Dallas TX, tempered glass windows are a popular type of replacement. Some jurisdictions require them for certain applications, such as installation near doors or bathtubs and showers. Here are four benefits of tempered glass windows.

They’re Strong

Tempered glass is five to eight times stronger than the glass used for standard home replacement windows since the process used to make it creates a stronger bond between molecules. The oven heats the glass to 600 degrees Celsius or greater, and then the glass cools rapidly through a process called quenching. Tempered glass can withstand strong winds, direct blows and minor explosions without issues.

They’re Heat-Resistant

Tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat used to make the glass helps the molecules resist high temperatures and direct flames. This makes tempered glass the ideal addition to bathrooms, kitchens, laboratories, or any place that requires regular heat use.

They Make Cleaning Safer

When tempered glass breaks, the shards are about the size of a pebble without sharp edges that can cause safety issues. You can sweep the pieces without concerns about them sticking to the broom and can finish cleaning with a vacuum to be sure you get all the pieces. The shards won’t rip trash bags or injure workers who pick up garbage, so they are safe to place in a dumpster.

They Reduce Liability Risks

Tempered glass can reduce injuries to people who come on your property, which means fewer chances of lawsuits. The tempered glass in hockey rinks protects fans and players from flying pucks, for example. Tempered glass is also ideal if you employ services to clean or maintain your home. Public buildings that get many visitors use tempered glass windows to reduce injuries from broken window panes, and industrial companies rely on it to protect workers.

Tempered glass windows have many advantages over standard glass windows. Installing them in your home or office makes a lot of sense when you consider the peace of mind you can get from them.

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