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When choosing a new fence for your property, there are many important factors to take into consideration. A well-chosen perimeter may be less likely to require fence repair Columbus Ohio in the future.

1. Function

If you’re seriously thinking about installing a fence, you probably have a specific purpose in mind. Whether you want to contain children or pets, prevent snooping by nosy neighbors, reduce noise in your yard, secure your property from intrusion, or you want something that is purely decorative, the fence you choose must fit its intended function.

2. Material

Fences can be made out of a variety of different materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. Each has its own advantages. Wood fences are relatively inexpensive, metal fences are sturdy and long lasting, and vinyl fences require little maintenance. The material that you choose depends in part on the function your fence is going to serve.

3. Style

Some styles of fences, such as a chain link fence or privacy fence, are more utilitarian, while other styles tend more toward the aesthetic. A picket fence, for example, may serve a utilitarian purpose with regard to restraining dogs, cats, or children, but the primary purpose is more likely to be aesthetic. You may choose varied styles of fences to serve different functions in different parts of your property. For example, many homeowners may opt for a decorative picket fence in front and a utilitarian chain link fence in back, where it is less likely to be seen by the casual observer

4. Height

Fences installed for privacy and/or security are usually at least six feet tall. Fences intended to keep dogs from wandering off the property should probably be at least four or five feet tall, although if your dog is very small, three feet may suffice. A decorative fence often serves as an accent and may be quite short, while the height of a fence to keep foragers like deer and rabbits out of your garden depends on the size of your unwanted guests.

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