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Small kitchens make up for what they lack in floor space with storage solutions like full-height cabinets that create sophisticated designs while letting in natural light. When planning your layout for a smaller kitchen, don’t overlook this aspect of design.

Open shelving can make a striking statement when displayed alongside decorative plates and glassware, but for an easier option that doesn’t take up floor space consider recessed shelves for pots and pans storage.

Floating Corner Shelves

Corner shelves can add both storage and display space to an awkward or underutilized corner of the room, adding visual interest while providing ample storage and display space for collectibles or photographs. They provide storage solutions in corners that have previously gone untouched, creating visual interest while creating focal points to display collectibles or photos.

Slim corner shelves fit seamlessly into corners for an aesthetically pleasing effect, blending in seamlessly while also visually disappearing to allow your beautiful dishes and decorative items to stand out. To maintain a neat appearance, match them to the color of your walls to keep it looking neat.

Are you creative and handy with your hands? Try crafting these minimalist corner shelves from bitterrootdiy. They make great additions to kitchens or dining rooms that have unoccupied corners; just be sure to measure and cut the wood appropriately before beginning construction.

Bar Cabinets

Storage space is key in small kitchens and dual-purpose pieces with excellent internal organization can help keep everything tidy. Switching out bulky cabinet handles for push/click catches helps maximize space while creating an uncluttered look; metallic, glass, and reflective surfaces add light reflecting back around the room and give the illusion that it is bigger.

Osfvolr’s Fern Bar Cabinet is a stylish piece designed to serve as the focal point of the kitchen and show off decorative items like vases, wine bottles and serving dishes. With shelves for holding wine glasses, stemware and other glassware as well as door storage to store loose ends away neatly; plus it comes complete with a mirrored back for extra depth and glamour! Alternatively, Restoration Hardware’s Breton Bar Cabinet takes inspiration from 1940s French Streamline Moderne style, boasting a grained oak surface that complements any kitchen design scheme!

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an effective way to add visual interest in any room of the home, including the kitchen. Gallery walls allow you to display your favorite art prints while simultaneously adding an element of movement into what may otherwise feel like an overwhelming space.

Purchase wall art that best expresses your personal style and fits with the decor in each room, such as black-and-white framed photographs and prints that work in minimal or contemporary spaces, or coastal-themed small kitchens with blue hues that create an eye-catching impact.

For an aesthetically pleasing gallery wall, map out its layout first on paper. Trace each frame onto separate sheets of paper until you achieve your desired look and use this template as a guide when nailing into the wall.


Conventional kitchen design ideas tend to emphasize light neutrals and reflective surfaces for creating the illusion of space; however, dark hues can work equally well in small kitchens. Charcoal cabinetry combined with dramatic lighting can give an elegant effect in spaces connecting with adjacent rooms.

Open shelves can add decorative flair to a small kitchen. Here, the ginger jars and artwork provide vibrant pops of color against the white background.

Wall art can add an eye-catching accent to any kitchen, but be sure to choose pieces that are easily cleanable – acrylic & metal prints are durable enough to withstand the inevitable dirt that accumulates in a busy kitchen environment.


Wallpaper can be an effective solution for small fitted kitchens. Not only will it add color and pattern, but its draw upward draws the eye upward in order to visually expand a room.

Your wallpaper style will determine whether you opt for smooth or textured surfaces, while there are wood-look wallpapers which mimic paneling, barn wood, tongue-and-groove or shiplap surfaces.

There are even peel-and-stick options that make the process of glue application simpler, although you will still have to score the paper and apply glue.

Patterned wallpaper can add visual interest and draw the eye away from other distracting areas in a kitchen, such as cabinets or flooring. Choose an easy-to-change neutral pattern if your family’s tastes evolve over time.

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