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Organise your small kitchen effectively for maximum impact by choosing an effective storage solution to clear away clutter from its counters and surfaces.

Paint cabinetry the same hue as walls to help them blend in more seamlessly and give an illusion of more space. Open shelving is another space-saving solution, and designer Caren Rideau employed it here by keeping her upper shelves for decorative display while concealing dishes and cookware beneath.


Color can transform a space, providing a sense of warmth or coziness depending on its hues. Achieving balance with hue can visually expand a room while also creating an inviting environment in which to prepare healthy meals or perfect Grandma’s recipes.

If your budget doesn’t allow for an overhaul, painting updates can still help breathe new life into your kitchen’s centerpiece. Lighter neutral tones may work best as they won’t overwhelm the space.

Soft mint green, airy blue and delicate yellow hues create a calming atmosphere while offering just a hint of freshness, making them the ideal colors for small kitchens. Other softer options such as earthly sage and pale sea foam also offer soothing effects.


Visual contrast is key when designing small kitchens. A patterned backsplash or countertop draws the eye away from small floors and walls, creating the illusion of more space in a tiny room. Incorporating herringbone patterns can add even more drama while still fitting within its surrounding elements.

If your kitchen allows, consider opting for glass cabinetry doors as part of your cabinetry plan. Transparent surfaces open up your room in ways opaque cabinetry can’t, making the area appear larger and more spacious. Consider opting for slab doors with push-touch or recessed handles for an uncluttered appearance or bi-fold designs to conceal a breakfast bar.

tile with embossed or textured surfaces add visual interest and can help soften the tight footprint of a small kitchen. Herringbone or chevron patterns on either the backsplash or floor create movement and depth that makes your space seem larger; or opt for border tiles instead of full-length ones to minimize grout lines for a sleeker appearance.


Texture should be an essential consideration when designing a small kitchen. Experimentation with various textures stimulates both tactile and visual senses and adds depth to any style design.

Texture can be added through various means in your kitchen design: from flooring materials, cabinet finishes and wood grain accents to natural stone countertops or open-grain finish cabinets – adding natural texture is key.

Utilize floating open shelving instead of wall-to-wall cabinetry in a small kitchen to maximize storage, allowing light to pass through. Blogger Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess keeps her U-shaped kitchen airy by selecting all-white cupboards with neatly organized shelves; using lighter blue hues on them helps them blend in better with both walls and ceiling, further opening up the room.


As a multifunctional space, the kitchen requires both task lighting for food preparation and atmospheric illumination to set an atmosphere and highlight architectural features. No matter if your small kitchen features ample natural light or needs additional artificial fixtures to enhance it, choosing the ideal combination of ambient and accent lights can make or break its design.

To properly illuminate a small room, it’s best to choose ceiling fixtures with slim, understated designs rather than grand statement pieces. Mini pendants or flush mounts may work better, or opt for recessed lighting which saves on wall space. Depending on the height of your ceilings, adding backlighting behind countertops or decorative kitchen elements for added effect could also work well.

Lamps make an excellent addition to a kitchen scheme, adding soft lighting that creates an intimate ambience at breakfast bars or dining nooks. Furthermore, using lamps in your kitchen design helps bring together its entire theme – they help bring out its accent colors as well.

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