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Empire Flooring is a top choice among homeowners. They provide free in-home estimates and an expansive selection of flooring materials.

The company offers a one-year installation warranty on its flooring products. This service plan covers various issues such as scratches, stains and warping.

Free in-home estimates

Empire Flooring provides free in-home estimates for carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl tile installations. Customers can book an appointment online and a representative will arrive at their residence within a two hour window.

The company provides an online tool that lets customers visualize different flooring options in their home, helping them decide if a certain style suits them best.

However, there are some drawbacks to this service: It can be difficult for customers to view prices prior to scheduling an in-home estimate, and they may not fully comprehend the total cost of their project.

Empire Today often provides coupons and deals to help customers save money on their flooring projects. Unfortunately, these specials may only be available for a short time, so it’s essential to stay abreast of these promotions and be aware when they expire.

A wide selection of flooring materials

Empire Flooring provides a vast selection of flooring materials suitable for many homes, such as carpet, laminate, hardwood and tile. Customers have their pick of finishes and price points too; making it easy to find something that meets both their budget and style preferences.

The company provides a room visualizer tool, which assists customers in selecting the ideal flooring for their home. This handy feature enables them to upload a photo of their space and see how different floors would appear within it.

Empire Today not only offers a vast selection of flooring, but they strive to finish installation as soon as possible after customers sign a contract. This can be particularly convenient for homeowners who require their floors installed quickly; additionally, it eliminates the need to hire another company solely for installation services.

A 1-year installation warranty

Empire Flooring provides a 1-year installation warranty on all floors purchased through the company. This warranty ensures that your floor will be free from defects in workmanship for 12 months after purchase and installation.

If a customer discovers a defect during their warranty period, they can contact Empire to make a claim. The company will send an expert representative to inspect the flooring at their residence.

If any flaws are discovered, the company will repair or replace the flooring at no extra cost to the customer. Furthermore, they offer a refund or credit for the cost of purchasing flooring.

A 5-year service plan

Empire Flooring offers a 5-year service plan to protect your floor for five years after installation. This coverage extends coverage to scratches, dents, dings, gouges, stains, warping and snags on the surface of the flooring.

The service plan is an ideal option for those who want to safeguard their flooring investment and save money in the long run. Customers have access to claims at any time, allowing them to get their floors repaired or replaced without paying a service fee.

The company also offers an online tool to help you visualize how various flooring types will look in your home. Simply upload a photo of your room and see how it would appear with various flooring types installed, making it simpler to select the ideal flooring for both budget and style.

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