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Bath mixer taps combine water from both your hot and cold sources, then pour it out of a single spout at precisely the right temperature.

These taps may come with a shower mixer, enabling you to switch between tap flow and hand-held shower handset. They are mountable on either floor or wall mount options and come in various styles to match your bathroom decor.

Temperature control

When it comes to temperature control, thermostatic mixers are your go-to solution. They provide you with a dedicated faucet that ensures precise and stable water temperatures throughout your bathroom.

Thermostatic mixing valves operate similarly to pressure-balancing valves, but instead of adjusting pressures they sense water temperature and use it for precise flow control. Furthermore, they have a safety function called “SAFE STOP” which disables flow at 38degC to guarantee safety and prevent scalding hot water.

Temperature controllers use a variety of input sensors to measure actual temperatures and convert them to an input voltage for the controller. They can accept Thermistors, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD), or other linear sensors as inputs.

Temperature controllers usually feature an Adjustable and Bidirectional Current Source that responds to the Control System section by driving current to the temperature actuator (thermoelectric or resistive heater). Some temperature controllers also include a Limit Circuit that protects the thermoelectric from damage.


A diverter is a plumbing part that allows you to redirect the water coming out of your bathroom mixer or tub spout. You have several types of diverters available, depending on your requirements and bathroom design.

Two-valve Diverter: This type of diverter can be found in the middle of a faucet handle that controls both hot and cold water flow. You can turn it clockwise to send hot water directly to the shower head, or counterclockwise for sending it into the tub.

Three-valve Diverter: These can be found on older tubs that feature separate hot and cold handles. You can turn it clockwise to send water to the shower head, or counterclockwise and back again into the tub.

Four-valve Diverter: These are commonly found in modern shower-bath combos and allow you to regulate the flow of water coming out of four outlets, such as the bath spout, shower head, hand shower or rain showerhead.

Flow control

A bathroom mixer’s flow control feature enables you to customize your water flow and temperature with just the turn of a lever. Internal discs regulate flow by opening or closing circuits depending on which side of the lever you turn – from lukewarm to cold – depending on which setting you select.

Thermostatic mixers also feature a temperature adjustment mechanism that keeps hot and cold water at consistent temperatures to save energy, reduce bills for heating/cooling services and avoid unpleasant shocks or scalding. This technology is especially helpful in family bathrooms where it ensures the safety of children and elderly individuals.

A thermostatic mixer ensures the desired blend of water temperature and volume throughout its entire service life, even if pressure or temperature in your cold or hot pipes changes. This is why it is often recommended for showering systems and other water systems that utilize large volumes of water.


Bathroom mixers are an essential element of modern bathroom design. Not only do they offer functionality and visual appeal, but also come in an array of styles and finishes to match.

Classic bathroom styles emphasize clean lines and understatement. Mixer taps will look best with this style if they have a plain finish like satin chrome, or are in neutral shades like white.

For a grand, elegant bathroom, consider installing a floor-standing mixer in polished chrome to match your freestanding bath. Not only does it look great in modern bathrooms, but you can also pair it with traditional ones if the shape of the feature bath matches well.

A mixer with a thermostatic function will guarantee consistent water temperature during bathing, saving you money on energy bills.

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