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In the spring and summer, most home improvement projects are done on the outside. Things like new flower beds, new decks, new walkways, new roofing systems, and so forth are done outside, on the patio or back yard, where they can be watched over by children, grandchildren, and visitors. While you’re doing your outside projects, be sure to sanitize all surfaces, from your flower beds to your driveway.

As the temperature starts to rise in the fall and winter months, clean out your flower beds, decks, and walkways. These areas are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes and bugs of all types. Remove all debris, thoroughly clean the surfaces, and throw away anything that doesn’t wash away, no matter how small it is. Put out a table for people to wipe down on their shoes before stepping onto your flower beds or patios.

For the greatest sanitation, clean out the soil around your flower beds, decks, and walkways. Using a garden hose, clear away leaves, twigs, seeds, rocks, sticks, mud, and grass clippings. You want to make sure there’s no stagnant water anywhere. If you see stagnant water, stop watering your plants until the water disappears. It’s much easier to keep a little bit of water in the soil than to have a lot of water sitting out. Plus, the mosquito population will likely be reduced during this time.

Mop up any standing water first. This way you won’t tip over a bucket or pan that’s half full of mosquito droppings. Don’t mop an entire area until all of the water has been soaked out. Then empty the water into the trash. When finished, vacuum up the mosquito residue.

In addition to cleaning out stagnant water, you should also clean your flower beds. After you’ve sprayed each bed, wash them thoroughly with a bleach solution. Wipe them down with a soft bristled brush to remove mosquito feces, as well as eggs. After washing them, allow them to dry for a few hours before using them again.

Protecting your home from these pesky insects can often be done on your own. There are many products on the market that guarantee they will kill adult mosquitoes, but they may not be as effective at preventing mosquitoes from breeding in your outdoor areas. A simple DIY project like this can ensure that your home stays bug free when you’re not there. Your friends and family will love to see the beautiful flowers and healthy plants after your project, and you’ll be happy with the results.

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