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Carpet adds an inviting and luxurious feel to any living room, providing seductive softness and insulation properties. Selecting from cut or loop piles to shag or Saxony tufts can completely change its appearance and feel.

Family rooms tend to be high traffic areas, so you should select flooring materials that can withstand debris such as food crumbs and pet hair. Consider purchasing Good Housekeeping carpet with stain protection and warranty coverage.


Carpet is one of the largest components in any room and can make or break its look. Selecting an appropriate color is essential in creating a welcoming space and unifying all your furnishings and accessories into one cohesive whole.

Cream carpets complement many decor styles and colors, as they reflect light to make rooms appear larger. Furthermore, cream carpets make an excellent choice for small rooms as their reflective qualities help illuminate them further.

Finding the ideal carpet for your living room depends entirely on your personal preferences and anticipated wear patterns. If you have young children, stain-resistant materials like polyester and Triexta may be beneficial; both naturally repel stains and spillages for easy care.

If durability is of prime concern, wool carpets could be an ideal solution. Wool is known to be exceptionally hard-wearing, pairing well with both modern and classic decor styles; plus it’s eco-friendly too – look for one with at least six tuft twists and 40-ounce face weight for best results.

Dark Green

Dark carpet can create an eye-catching statement in any room scheme and help hide dirt and stains more effectively than lighter options.

Carpets made from natural fibers like jute, hemp and olefin add visual interest and complement green walls perfectly.

An elegant plush cut pile twist carpet adds a luxurious feel to any living room design scheme, as well as being very durable and helping prevent sagging provided it is regularly vacuumed and furniture does not sit too closely to it.

Dark Grey

Dark grey carpets work beautifully in contemporary living rooms featuring monochromatic colors, as they allow the carpet to stand out without taking away from walls or furniture. Furthermore, darker colors tend to better conceal marks and stains than lighter hues which makes dark carpets an excellent option for home owners concerned about maintaining their living room carpets.

Remember, grey can vary greatly depending on the light in a space, so before making a final decision it’s advisable to request samples from potential manufacturers and test them in your living room before making any definitive choices. Carpet samples treated to be stain-resistant may offer better resilience against spills than untreated fabrics.

Another key consideration in selecting carpet is its material composition. Wool and wool-blend carpets offer softness, durability and warmth in any living space; nylon, polyester and olefin carpets may be less durable but may be treated to make them stain-resistant.

Lighter Colours

If a light carpet is what you are after, it is important to consider how this will be affected by the colors of your furniture and walls. A white shade might become dirty more quickly than darker hues – not ideal if you have kids or pets running amok, and perhaps darker tones might offer greater dirt concealment.

One way to create an elegant and coordinated aesthetic in your living room is to choose a dark carpet that matches its furniture colors, as this will help the room to feel cozier and warmer.

Personal taste should always take precedence when it comes to choosing carpet colors. If there are certain hues you don’t care for, it is wise to eliminate them early so as to narrow down your choices and make an informed decision more quickly – this will save both time and frustration in the long run!

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