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Bedrooms are intimate spaces within any residential project and therefore require special attention and design consideration. At Interior Design Bedroom Solutions we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients receive cozy and inviting bedroom interior designs which reflect their personal preferences and persona.

Bright colors like teal can make a bold statement, yet can easily be softened with bedding, throw pillows and area rugs in their shade. Rich dark hues, like burgundy, add depth and warmth when combined with neutral or light tones.

Space Planning

Your bedroom layout should strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, depending on its intended use. When planning its design, seating areas or home offices as well as storage furniture might need to be considered depending on its intended function. A scale plan using graph paper or an online planner is a good way to experiment with various furniture arrangements before finalizing one design decision.

As with any room, your bedroom should allow enough room for walking around your bed, making sure there is sufficient walking space around it. When arranging furniture symmetrically like placing two nightstands either side of the bed.

As much as possible, try not to place your bed directly against the bedroom door as this could make it difficult to enter and exit without hitting your headboard or footboard when exiting or entering. Instead, consider placing it perpendicularly along a wall so there will be space in front of it for artwork or decorative features.

Style & Mood

A mood board is a collection of textures, colors, swatches and product options used to help designers create a unified space. When applied to bedrooms, these boards may include paint color inspiration, rug recommendations and bedding suggestions; as well as end tables, over-bed art and storage solutions.

Mood boards can be as detailed or simple as desired. For example, if you plan to use soft blue or blush pink hues in your master suite, saving a photo of a floral arrangement and bedding fabric swatches as references when shopping for new textiles may help save time when looking for home textiles.

Once you have chosen a color scheme, you can start brainstorming bedroom interior design ideas to realize your vision of an ideal room. Choose bedding and decorative pillows featuring soft patterns (too many busy patterns can be distracting and cause restlessness) while opting for neutral palettes that go well with your chosen hues.


Bedroom interior design should always reflect your personal taste and preferences; which is why Luxury Antonovich Design team makes sure to create the most relaxing and cozy atmosphere possible for their clients.

Color schemes for bedrooms should incorporate subdued shades of your preferred hues for maximum relaxation, along with varied textures and patterns for a cozy bedroom experience.

For an authentic rustic style, old window frames make an interesting focal point that can serve as the centerpiece for your bedroom decor. Once in place, simply add accessories to complete the look.

Carpeted or rugs are an essential element in warming up bedroom floors, and selecting one may depend on the style you wish to create in the space. Most designers recommend opting for one that extends past the foot of the bed to prevent tripping and create an intimate feel in your space.


Lighting is key to creating an efficient bedroom interior design, and the most successful designs incorporate layers of ambient, task, and accent lighting that caters to individual user needs.

Start with ambient lighting from large windows or skylights as well as from recessed cans or chandeliers, then add task lighting for reading and other activities that require direct light, followed by accent lights to accentuate artwork or other features of the room.

If the renovation of your bedroom doesn’t include painting an entire room, consider painting one accent wall or piece of furniture instead. Or try wallpaper to add color without making a significant commitment.

If you prefer modern styles, try creating an eye-catching accent wall using liquid metal brass finish or planks of brick texture as an accent wall. Finish off the look by pairing this feature wall with eye-catching light fixtures for an unforgettable effect.

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