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A small balcony garden can have a dramatic effect on the entire space. The little space can be turned into something spectacular, if you have the right design. Think of the space as an extension of your living room or living area. You don’t have to have a big backyard. Smaller spaces can still be made beautiful with careful planning, color and style. The trick is to think out of the box and bring the elements together that will create your own personalized backyard oasis.

A little bit of optimism, imagination and positive ideas can do wonders for you in creating a small balcony garden. Check out these top balcony gardening design ideas. The dominance of white color will give you the feeling of clean and make you feel quite relaxed to linger here for long hours. If you happen to be a nature lover then a mix of brown and yellow colors would certainly give you the sense of calmness. Just throw in some aromatic flowers and greens like fennel, marigold and scented geraniums and you can make use of your garden for various purposes.

Small apartments without much garden space can be given life by clever use of small balcony garden ideas. You can make use of various pots and containers in your apartment and have them bring new life into your apartment. You can take care of all your plants from indoors. All you need to do is to keep a supply of pots and containers at home and a little bit of sunlight so that your plants can receive the necessary warmth.

Have a try and get started using your small balcony garden ideas to grow some seedlings. There are plenty of plants that can grow very well inside your house such as herbs, strawberries, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions and more. If you like these vegetables you can also grow your favorite fruits and berries inside your apartment. Just put them in an attractive container and let them flourish. If you are not that interested in growing any plants and you don’t mind buying fresh herbs each time you visit the grocery store, then just buy some pots and keep them on the shelves.

Scraps are also great way of having small balcony gardens at home. You can get small pots and mix water and compost so that the resulting mixture can be used to water your plants and vegetables. You can also collect some papers from the garbage cans and stack them on the top of your pots and this is a great way to get rid of uneaten paper. This will make great compost for your plants.

Apart from outdoor space, small patio and small balcony garden ideas can also be used for creating another exciting environment inside the house. In fact, it is your backyard which is the best place for creating other exciting and different environments inside your home. Your creativity will be the only limit here. Try and experiment with different ideas and explore new things. You will be really amazed with the new ideas and you can use these ideas to have a beautiful and wonderful outdoor space and a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sun while enjoying good food and drinks in your cool-walled home.

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