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When it comes to your pond habitat, most property owners do not realize the importance of keeping the water quality in good shape. For some pond owners, not knowing exactly how to keep their water quality in good condition can be difficult. The best way to get a clean pond and keep it that way is by hiring a professional aquatic management services company like the one found at They can check your water quality for issues such as pond algae identification methods. In between visits, follow some of the tips below for keeping your pond water clean and clear.

Keep A Healthy Fish Population

It is important not to overpopulate your ponds. If you have more than 10 inches of fish for every 100 gallons of water, your pond will be overpopulated. This can result in excessive amounts of fish waste that can cause the water in your pond to be imbalanced.

Don’t Overfeed Your Pond Fish

Another tip for keeping your pond water clean is not to overfeed your fish. When you overfeed, uneaten food will remain in the water and begin to decay. This can throw off the Ph balance of your water and can make your fish sick.

Choose Correct Pump Size

To keep your pond water fresh, you need to have a pump strong enough to pump the water’s volume at least once per hour. Regularly check the pump’s flow to ensure there is no obstruction. Each type of pump has its own flow restrictions to pay attention to.

Clean Debris Regularly

It is crucial to keep your pond free of debris. Decaying debris can cause the water to have high levels of ammonia. This is bad for the water quality and the health of your fish. Pay attention to the filter. It should be the correct size for your pond. Keep it clean according to the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

Put these steps to use for a clean, healthy pond. Regular maintenance of a pond is necessary to keep it running efficiently and maintaining the health and wellness of your fish.

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