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If you are a seasoned plumber and have been using the same tools for a long time then it is quite likely that you would still be in possession of many of the same plumbing tools that you used years ago. You may just not have kept them all this time as you have moved on to new ones. There are a lot of old and outdated tools that just pile up in the garage and do not get used at all. A simple search online for plumbing tools and you can see just how many different kinds of pliers, pipes cutters and other devices are available and just how much more efficient they have become over the years.

You have probably seen one of the most common plumbing tools available and this is the pipe puller. This is something that every plumber should own and there is actually a wide variety of different brands. One of the most popular is the Amazon brand which is also the oldest brands in the business. However, many of the other brands that have been around for a long time now are also available and some of them can be very affordable. These days with the high price of gas people cannot afford to replace their plumbing systems as often as they did in the past as it is just too expensive. Therefore, if you have an older system or if you simply want to upgrade then you will be glad to know that some of these new systems are just as easy to install as the old ones.

The first type of plumbing tools that every plumber should own is the basic pair of pliers. This set of plumbing tools consists of two handles and a hook that you can hook your pliers to. The purpose of this plumbing tool is to be able to bend and lock the plumbing hose that you use for plumbing repairs. The pliers that you need include those that are spring loaded and those that have a non-slip grip so you will be able to work the handles with confidence.

Another set of plumbing tools that you should own include those that come in handy when working on any type of pipe. Cutting tools for instance are ideal for working on copper pipes. There are various different types of cutting tools that you can get including the penetrating cutting knives. You will be able to complete various plumbing repairs in no time when you have the right plumbing tools with you.

Last but certainly not least is the plumber’s plunger. A plumbing tools consists of a rubber or plastic tube with a plunger on one end and a blade on the other. Plunger blades can be made from different materials such as stainless steel and brass. Rubber tubes are usually made from polyethylene rubber because it is extremely sturdy and can withstand a lot of force when using the plunger. The advantage of using rubber tubes is that they allow the plumber to work on both large and small drainages.

If you want to make sure that you are able to complete any plumbing repair job efficiently then you need to make sure that you have the proper tools with you. In addition to the above mentioned plumbing tools there are a couple more that you may want to consider getting. One of these tools is a pair of pliers which are perfect for working in close quarters. Handheld pliers are great if you want to grip pipes and fittings tightly.

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