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Plumbing is any machine that carries liquids for a variety of different uses. This could be for heating water, cooling water, or carrying liquid for disposal purposes. The plumbing in your house could include new plumbing, repair, installation, or maintenance needs. Many plumbing systems include plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. Plumbing also makes use of pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, and many other apparatuses for carrying liquid.

All plumbing comes with a number of fittings and fixtures. These fittings and fixtures are usually made from iron, copper, brass, and sometimes stainless steel. Among the plumbing materials, the most commonly used ones are copper, plastic, PVC, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and iron among others. There are other plumbing materials used, but their application is less common than the others.

A potable water supply is provided by the plumbing system. This potable water supplies could either be natural like rain, rivers, and streams; or synthetic, which can either be from an oil reservoir or sewage plants. The sewage water is basically used to flush away bodily wastes and liquids. The different types of plumbing systems are discussed below:

Majority of the households today have one system to provide all their water and sewer requirements. Majority of the above ground plumbing systems use gravity to transport the human wastes and liquids from their point of origin to where they are needed in a household. This type of plumbing system is usually made up of three main components: Reciprocating engines, an intermediate processing plant, and a pump. The Reciprocating Engine compresses the solids and liquids in the soil so that they can be transported to the destination. The intermediate processing plant extracts the water and other solids from the soil.

The third component is the pump which is responsible for extracting the potable water and transporting it to the homes or other locations. The plumbing service is another gray area and there are numerous processes involved. One of these is the maintenance. This is necessary to keep all plumbing systems and components in good working condition. The main tasks of the plumbing service includes: cleaning and maintaining faucets; repairing and replacing damaged parts; installing and repairing shower heads; testing for leaks; and many more.

Whether we choose to have a full plumbing system or just a simple water supply pipe, we need to get the services of a plumber and repair it as soon as possible. It’s better to spend a little money than to pay a big amount to a plumber and repair a pipe anytime soon. And of course, the good thing about a plumber is that you don’t have to call him unless you have an immediate problem.

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