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Anthropologists have staunch evidence that the Indus Valley Civilization of the Americas were likely the first people to transport water from natural sources and distribute it to their constituents; believe it or not, these rudimentary plumbing systems are estimated to have begun as early as 2600 BC – that’s roughly 4,600 years ago! Although the Indus Valley Civilization’s rudimentary plumbing was nothing compared to today’s systems of sewers, water treatment plants, and sending such recycled water back out to the public for consumption, it’s similar to modern plumbing systems in at least one way – all of them regularly have problems.

These problems range from things as urgent as busted water mains to inconveniences as minor as leaky faucets. Let’s take a peek at some of modern society’s most common plumbing problems.

The Dreaded Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets aren’t something to cry about, but they’re certainly not fun to be around. Flushing a clogged toilet and walking away before you realize it’s actually clogged is a solid means of trashing your bathroom – thanks, trusty toilet!

You have three ways of going about unclogging your toilet: use a lengthy “snake” bit attached to a power drill to fish out potential obstructions, pour a pot of boiling hot water and a few tablespoons of dish soap in the bowl and flush, or turn to an old-fashioned plunger to move along whatever’s stopping up your line.

Is Your Bathroom Sink Draining Too Slowly?

In most cases, slow-draining bathroom sinks are caused by carelessly putting wads of knotted hair down their drains. As such, you should turn to a chemical cleaner like lye. Take caution not to get any on your hands – that means you should wear gloves – and not inhale its fumes.

The Toilet Keeps Running – Better Go Catch It!

If your toilet’s water continually runs, you should invest in a flapper kit for your toilet’s tank. It’s cheap – it’ll also fix 99 percent of all running toilet issues.

Plumbing isn’t the most glamorous thing to do, and it certainly isn’t fun. If you need help, don’t hesitate to seek out professionals like USAlliedPlumbing.com – you’ll thank yourself for doing so later.

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